Easter 2024: Faith, family, and a furry friend

10th April 2024

For orthodox and non-orthodox Christians alike, Easter marks the holiest of celebrations in the religious calendar and an opportunity to rejoice in Christ’s resurrection. It also serves as a timely reminder  ̶…


The incredible life of pi

25th March 2024

March 14: International Pi Day at The Old Rectory Pi (π)  A constant (sometimes referred to as Archimedes’ Constant) that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. More simply…


Notes on a memorable Yuletide

15th January 2024

The festive season seems to begin earlier each year; and so it proved in November last, when excitement took hold of staff and residents at The Old Rectory in anticipation of what…


A ‘Festival of Lights’ at The Old Rectory

20th November 2023

Diwali – often referred to as “The Festival of Lights” – is one of India’s most significant and widely recognised national celebrations, taking place annually over five days during mid-autumn. Whilst it…


THE CORONATION: From Elizabethan to Carolean – an era defining moment

9th May 2023

On Saturday, May 6, everyone at The Old Rectory was overjoyed to share the nation’s happiness in welcoming our new king – Charles III – and his queen, Camilla to the UK…


Easter 2023: The Joys of Spring

14th April 2023

While the weather remained undecided on throwing off the shackles of winter, everyone at The Old Rectory had already welcomed the tentative arrival of the new season by wholeheartedly celebrating Easter. Communal…


We decked the halls with boughs of holly…

5th January 2023

Christmas at The Old Rectory is a heart-warming time for staff, residents and families alike; the air hangs heavy with expectation, and there is an extra spring in all our steps as…


Remember, remember the fifth of November

12th November 2022

Traditionally, November the fifth is an occasion to reflect on a momentous event in our nation’s history when, more than four centuries ago, Britain came dangerously close to insurrection and attempted regicide…


A Royal Celebration!

6th June 2022

“I greatly admire Her Majesty the Queen. She has my utmost respect for the stressful and difficult work that she does. She comes up trumps. She masters all the challenges and is…


The Old Rectory’s Easter Egg Hunt!

27th April 2022

“Easter is meant to be a sign of hope, renewal, and the beginning of a new life.” The sun rose brightly to embrace the coming day and the scent of freshly blossomed…


The meditative charms of origami

16th February 2022

For those of us of a certain age, ‘origami’ means a gentle, easy-to-watch television programme of the late 1960s and early ’70s presented by its genial host – the magician/illusionist, Robert Harbin….


Summer’s last hurrah

24th September 2021

As last of the season’s sunny weather hung around just long enough for an Indian summer, we were fortunate enough to hold our first barbecue for two years. After more than 18…


‘Relax and rejuvenate’ craft sessions

21st July 2021

I’m sure we can all appreciate a relaxing hot bath; it’s a chance to soak away the troubles of the day and soothe aching muscles in a haze of bubbles. But get…


Nature’s Bounty

5th May 2021

Despite being native throughout western Atlantic Europe, Hyacinthoides non-scripta or – more commonly – the bluebell is an annual spring favourite in British woodlands, where between 25-50% of all common bluebells can…


Red Nose Day Fun!

22nd March 2021

This year’s event aimed to harness the power of laughter to get us through tough times which is just of course, IS what everyone needs right now in hopefully, the final stages…


Sharing some good news: Coronavirus update

22nd January 2021

Well, what a year it has been since that first lockdown of March 2020. The country has been gripped in fear, taken prisoner by an invisible enemy. But, at last − at…