The Old Rectory’s Easter Egg Hunt!

“Easter is meant to be a sign of hope, renewal, and the beginning of a new life.”

The sun rose brightly to embrace the coming day and the scent of freshly blossomed trees filled the air with delight and sweetness. Bright beams of light shone all around us enlightening the entire scene.

It was a pleasure to welcome the children from the neighbouring Rainbow’s End Pre-School to our annual Easter event in the garden on Sunday 17th April and it turned out to be an excellent Easter egg hunt.

The Easter egg hunt began at 11:30 a.m. as the youngsters began to arrive in the glorious brightness, lush green grass and gentle breezes.

With the eggs carefully hidden, the kids dashed off with buckets in hand – some wearing adorable bunny ears – to find the Easter Bunny’s gifts before the hot weather melted their chocolate feast. Parents were also welcomed to attend, and there were a variety of prizes to be won on the day.

It was a delight for us to gather together after this COVID outbreak and the residents adored watching youngsters play in the garden. On that delightful day, we all engaged in the miniature Easter Garden draw while enjoying cocktails under the open sky.

The residents then enjoyed a traditional lamb lunch and Simnel Cake to mark the day.

Children, without a doubt, were the ones that brought the widest smiles to the faces of our residents.