Remember, remember the fifth of November

Traditionally, November the fifth is an occasion to reflect on a momentous event in our
nation’s history when, more than four centuries ago, Britain came dangerously close to
insurrection and attempted regicide – the potential assassination of the reigning monarch,
King James I, by arch conspirator Guido Fawkes.

Although the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605 is still an opportunity for
reflection, Bonfire Night – or Guy Fawkes Night as it also known – is now more readily
recognised as a time when families and local communities come together to simply enjoy
the spectacle of a firework display in each other’s company: which is exactly what we did
this bonfire night.

In customary fashion, we invited local schoolchildren and their families to join our residents
and their guests for an evening of mulled wine (soft drinks for the children, of course!) along
with some delicious barbecued food prepared by our kitchens, while the night sky became
flooded with a dazzling array of colour and pattern.

The crowd of some 100 people, wrapped up warm against the chilly night air, bathed in the
glow of the bonfire while rockets exploded – their whistles and cracks ringing out against
the stillness as each was met with a responsive cheer.

A cold night, warm drinks, and the party atmosphere all contributed to what was a
memorable evening, and one we look forward to repeating next year.