A hive of activity...

The relaxed tranquillity of our historic hall is complemented by an ever present sense of expectation surrounding its busy social calendar. Whether it be craft sessions and coffee mornings or deck quoits and day trips, there is always something to please everyone.


Healthy minds and bodies

Reflecting the calm and unhurried environment, a diverse range of activities offering gentle physical and mental stimulation are at the disposal of residents on a daily basis. The varied programme of events may include: ‘knit and natter’ afternoons, popular documentary screenings, crosswords and quizzes, bingo, craft sessions, carpet bowls, deck quoits, putting, and even Tai Chi!

There are also visits to places of interest or trips to the seaside and, during the warmer months, we often welcome local community groups, such as the local Send Over 60s’ Club, to join us for tea in the shade of the willow tree on our well-manicured lawn.

Annual events such as Bonfire Night and a Christmas fair are always popular, and during seasonal highlights, or landmark occasions such as a royal wedding, Geoghegan family members can often to be found joining staff, residents and visitors alike in celebration.

The activities offer an opportunity to build new friendships and stay active in an easy-going and enjoyable fashion, where residents are free to take part in everything or nothing at all. But whichever choice is made, everyone can experience the comforting sense of ‘extended family’ and the tangible feeling of community spirit that is woven into the fabric of life at The Old Hall.

An example of a typical monthly schedule of activities can be found here.

old hall activities

Religious observance

Whilst ensuring we minister to the physical and emotional requirements of our residents, we never forget to address their spiritual needs, too.

Anglican and Evangelical churches, located in the village, visit The Old Hall on a regular basis to take Holy Communion or conduct services. There is also a Methodist church in Ripley, and the Catholic church in nearby Woking is within easy reach. Arrangements can be made to visit churches and attend services, on request. In addition, residents of other faiths and denominations are encouraged to make their religious observances known so these may be taken into consideration. The social life of The Old Hall and the spiritual needs of its residents enjoy many opportunities for crossover throughout the course of the year with Easter and Christmas featuring prominently on the calendar.

old hall activities

To all the staff involved with The Old Hall Bonfire Night.  Thank you for another lovely evening – such a lot of effort and hard work for all of you.  The residents are so lucky to live in such a happy, stimulating environment.  It is much appreciated, well done and thank you.

Vivienne Wood

Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Everything was excellent – the decorations, the preparation, the flower arrangements, the food. It was lovely to meet old friends and also some new people. 

The food was wonderful and the pre-Christmas reception with presents under the tree. I look forward to next Christmas at The Old Hall. Thank you again

Room 22

I wanted to write a short note to you both to express how much I enjoyed the trip to ‘Lukyns’ yesterday. What a magnificent place! The views around are stunning, when you took me to see ‘The Secret Garden’ I was in another world. I even saw myself looking into Alice’s Mirror. All the butterflies were fantastic too, I was taken into another world.