The Spirit of the Age

At 11am on Friday 8th of May 2020 Britain fell silent in recognition of the 75th anniversary of VE Day 1945 – the day Germany made its unconditional surrender to the Allies in World War Two and ended hostilities in Europe. At The Old Rectory, we too recognised this auspicious day in our own inimitable way, beginning with the two-minute tribute to all those who fought so valiantly to defeat the Axis powers.

We would have loved to have shared this day – and all its bittersweet memories – with relatives, our friends in the local community and beyond. Unfortunately the current health crisis has meant this was not possible; however, all those we hold dear were in our hearts throughout the day’s celebrations as many residents recalled their happiness and sense of relief on that day, 75 years ago, when the country came together as one to express its joy at having made it through one of the darkest times in our nation’s history.

Despite the current restrictions, we were determined not to let the occasion pass without a celebration of our own including raising a glass of champagne in respect and gratitude to those we lost whilst in joyful appreciation of those who came back to us from the War.

All our residents received a VE Day pack with some home-made fudge for the sweet-toothed. Meanwhile, The Old Rectory’s kitchen came up trumps with a culinary reflection on a forties’ theme – good old ‘Bully Beef’: corned beef with mustard and pickles, followed by bread and butter pudding. Delicious!

All-in-all, a wonderful day was spent reminiscing, interspersed by an entertaining Word War Two-themed quiz and some select television viewing that included a heart-warming broadcast by Her Majesty The Queen and a thought provoking programme of recollections from celebrities called ‘Remembering Victory’ that got everyone talking.


It served to remind us that in times of adversity, the British have a history of rallying together to support one another. Now, once again, we are living through difficult times and it will be by employing that same spirit of unity that we are sure to come through this new challenge we are all facing together.