Nature’s Bounty

Despite being native throughout western Atlantic Europe, Hyacinthoides non-scripta or – more commonly – the bluebell is an annual spring favourite in British woodlands, where between 25-50% of all common bluebells can be found.

Carpeting the floor in dense swathes of riotous colour, their exuberance encourages us all to return to that simple pleasure of youth: walking in bluebell woods.

So, what better way to take our first tentative steps out of coronavirus lockdown than by breathing in the restorative powers of nature with a trip to Gosterwood Manor in Forest Green.

Set in the grounds of the Grade II listed building, its private estate is home to fabulous woodland where, year-on-year, we are privileged to be invited to enjoy the bountiful display of spring bluebells as guests of Les and Nadia Edgar.

Recent events have, of course, curtailed such activities, therefore everyone at The Old Rectory was overjoyed to make this our first post-lockdown outing and to re-establish old acquaintances – both of the human and floral variety.

It’s been a long time coming but, hopefully, these were the first steps on the road back to normality.

And it felt blooming marvellous!