Animal Magic

There are few amongst us who on seeing a kitten haven’t wanted to scoop it up and cuddle it. The therapeutic benefits of interacting with our furry (and feathered) friends is well documented as their simple, uncomplicated lives bestow a feeling of well-being on everyone they come into contact with.

Therefore, at The Old Rectory we are fortunate to know Hilary from a local farm in Chobham, who – on Tuesday, 9th of July – was kind enough to share her love of animals with our residents and the children from nearby Rainbow’s End Pre-School.
Our young friends visit us every Tuesday morning to sing and play in our gardens, but as this was their last visit of the school year, we decided to have something special waiting for them: four gerbils, three kittens, two rabbits, two chickens, and a delightful dog named Tilly – all courtesy of the lovely Hilary.

Whilst enjoying a customary pre-lunch sherry, residents got a chance to spend time with the animals and enjoy a brief cuddle with their favourite. It was a joy to witness the delight on the faces of all the children, who followed the session with a picnic on the lawn (after some necessary hand-washing, of course).

We are now looking forward to inviting our little visitors from Rainbow’s End to return in the new school year for their regular sessions. And although this was the first time we have held the animal-themed event, judging by its success it certainly won’t be the last.