‘Remember, remember…

…the fifth of November: gunpowder, treason and plot.’ Or so the nursery rhyme tells us.

Well, we certainly remember it at The Old Hall. In fact, Bonfire Night is a major highlight on our social calendar, when residents and their extended families are invited celebrate the defeat of Guy Fawkes’ dastardly plans to assassinate King James I, whilst enjoying some warming mulled wine and delicious barbecued food prepared by our kitchen.


Upholding tradition

Over 400 years after that fateful night in 1605, residents now take pleasure in partaking in the annual tradition of making a ‘Guy’ to be the focus of our festivities. The event, which takes place in the rear gardens, regularly attracts around 100 guests who join Old Hall staff in front of a large bonfire that crackles and spits, as colourful fireworks illuminate the night sky.

The evening is always a joyous occasion, and one that is much talked about in the days and weeks that follow, until Christmas arrives full of seasonal promise to demand our attention.