Sharing some good news: Coronavirus update

Well, what a year it has been since that first lockdown of March 2020.

The country has been gripped in fear, taken prisoner by an invisible enemy. But, at last − at the tail end of what has seemed like an interminable twelve months − hope is on the horizon.

Meanwhile, here at The Old Rectory we have been busy doing everything possible to be ready and waiting to open our doors wide, just as soon as it is safe to do so.

To this end, our amazing staff have been keeping spirits high and everyday life as near to normal as circumstances allow during these strange times we are living through. And now, thanks to the timely development of a range of vaccines to combat Covid-19, we have some good news to share that everyone can rejoice in…

On Tuesday, January 19th, we were pleased to welcome a team of five nurses from the National Vaccination Team.

Setting up stall in the Harvest Room, the team first invited a total of thirty-three residents to receive their vaccinations − quickly followed by members of staff − and within two-and-a-half hours a total of 58 people had been vaccinated.

Throughout this health emergency, our staff have always prioritised the well-being of residents by following enhanced safety procedures and ensuring the scrupulous use of PPE at all times. In addition, staff are tested three times each week – two lateral flow tests and one PCR test – in line with Government guidelines.

As a result of all the measures taken, we are now welcoming nominated visitors into our designated visiting rooms. Guests undergo a lateral flow test on arrival and are asked to wear full PPE, so visits can take place in a secure environment.

Happily, despite the seriousness of the vaccination procedure, there was a joyously upbeat mood in the room on that January morning, when a profound sense of optimism broke out − like the sun peeping out from behind a cloud.

And while we realise there is still progress to be made in the war against the pandemic, we can now look forward to the day when we emerge from the dark tunnel we have all been in and step out into the sunlight, once again.

Until then, we will continue to enjoy life as normal at The Old Rectory as we look ahead to the change of season − and its promise of better weather and the blossoming of new life in the garden − with a renewed spring in our step.