Update from Clavadel

The Geoghegan Group Coronavirus Strategy Statement

At The Clavadel we take prevention and control of infection very seriously and in order to protect our staff, patients and visitors we have taken extra precautions at this time.

Our staff are all trained and knowledgeable about infection prevention and control and we have special policies we follow to help keep everyone safe.

On arrival at work our staff enter by only one/two entrance in order to reduce footfall in the corridors. They are then screened for Covid-19 symptoms and have their temperature taken and anyone with symptoms or a high temperature returns home to self isolate and arrange a Coronavirus test.

Our staff wash their hands and use hand sanitiser on arrival for their shift and regularly throughout the day. On arrival to work they put on the regulation Personal Protection Equipment (gloves, apron and facemask), which is designed to protect them and everyone around them.

Staff ensure they maintain Social Distance guidelines wherever possible and practical while carrying out their duties and they will be mindful of this at all times.

Our Housekeeping and Catering teams follow cleaning guidance very strictly in order to help with prevention and control of infection. We use dedicated deep cleaning equipment as appropriate and our cleaning regimes are maintained at all times.

The clinical team work very closely with Public Health England and follow all national Coronavirus policies and procedures.

Our patients are screened for Covid-19 symptoms on arrival at The Clavadel and every day thereafter while they are with us. Any patient with a high temperature or showing any signs of developing symptoms of Coronavirus will be kept safely in their rooms while we arrange for clinical consultation for them and any necessary diagnostic testing to help find out the cause of their symptoms. Patients are asked to wash their hands regularly and we welcome our patients to use the hand sanitiser units available throughout the building.

Unfortunately we cannot allow any visiting to the Clavadel at this current time as patient safety remains our priority.  If this causes any concerns please speak to the Matron or a member of the management team who will be able to help you.  We will soon be able to recommence hairdressing and chiropody and a date for this will be confirmed shortly.  Unfortunately we will not be offering any manicures for the time being.  All of our communal areas are in use socially distanced and physiotherapy and hydrotherapy will continue as planned.  All of our current measures will be reviewed frequently and communicated to you.  Thank you for your understanding.



Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic we have closely followed the Pool Water and Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) guidelines on how to maintain a safe pool environment.

Chlorine is one of the most effective chemicals to eradicate bacteria and viruses and our pool is kept at a recommended constant rate of 1.5 ppm of free chlorine by a sophisticated computerised dosing machine. At this level it is not possible for Covid-19 virus to survive in water, on any surfaces or easily in the air as the chlorine is also released into the air. The whole pool area is cleaned everyday with this chlorine solution.

The size of our pool allows us to treat patients with a 2m social distance, and we have staggered timings to be able to maintain this throughout the day.

All physios will be wearing face masks, as to treat you they need to be within the 2m distancing, and will clean equipment between patient sessions.