Music project hits the right note!

Music touches all our lives; spanning the generations, it can bring joy to all ages – building a bridge that spans the generations whilst leaving its mark along the way.
At The Old Hall, we appreciate the important part music plays bringing people together. Therefore, we were very happy to welcome Integrational Music Making (IMM) to work with us – in association with our residents and Pyrford School – on a six-week collaborative music therapy project aimed at reaching out to the community and engaging young and old alike.

IMM is a pioneering organisation in this field of endeavour. Born from music therapist Charlotte Miller’s passion for working with both the elderly and the very young, they work hand-in-hand with care homes, schools and education professionals to deliver unique, interactive projects that may include anything from song writing to choral work and improvised performance to reflective musical appreciation.
In our own case, a party from Pyrford School visited every Wednesday to spend a joyful, life-affirming hour singing and making music with our residents, who clearly enjoyed their time with the children – generating palpable benefits on both sides from the interaction and pleasure taken in the ‘give and take’ of creating something magical.

As a result, both the residents and the children spoke warmly of the project – unanimously agreeing that they now have a greater understanding of each other’s lives and expressing enthusiasm to repeat the experience in the near future.
As part of the Geoghegan Group, The Old Hall has a long association with Age UK and a history supporting its splendid work highlighting health, well-being and social isolation issues in the elderly. The IMM project, and its work in these areas, is just one way in which barriers between the generations can begin to be broken down; but it is a powerful one, and we are proud to play our part in this vitally important work.